The pets

Its my first blog so let me talk about something very common,The french bulldogs rescue network.Weird right? dont worry,its good for a start.

so about the dogs rescue team

We have different pets at home, the most common being cats and dogs. The French bulldog is one type of the dog pets. The means to get the dogs and pets are different. Some get the pets from their owners and others from the adoption homes.

The French bulldog rescue network has havens where the bulldogs are rescued. They rescue the severely sick, the neglected ones wandering in the streets and also the ones born in the streets. The French bulldogs usually have lots of complications from eye ulcers to sun burns during summer. The French bulldog rescue network fosters these dogs and puts them under special care.

The rescue network takes care of the frenchie in the house and nurse them back to health. The majority of dogs rescued come with either physical or emotional trauma. The dogs are then put on for adoption by willing people. The rescued dogs are usually not very much friendly and so any willing adopter should be able to handle the problems. The rescued frenchie are sold at very low prices.

Once a bulldog is rescued by the French bulldog rescue team, a biography is created for the dog. Most of them have detailed biographies. The key points to look for are the origin of the dog, if its home bred, its medical history and the temperament.

The French bulldog rescue team has come up with a tight adoption process discourage .You apply for adoption to the foster parent and then a call is made to you. The foster parent comes to your house and checks the conditions and environment. The dogs’ house should be build, the house clean and also confirm that all family members are in for the adoption idea. The foster parent then makes calls to your veterinary to check if the pets you already have are well taken care of.

The application is passed to the board if your pass the home visit test. They approve and a pick up date is set. The French bulldog rescue management gives you a contract to sign stating that the dog can be taken by the team in case you are found to be incapable of taking care of the dog.

It’s always important after taking the dog to try and bond with it first. The presence of other dogs is a discomfort to a frenchie, during its first days settle with it in the room far from others. Let the bonding of the frenchie and your kids be gradual for safety purposes. After a period insure the dog and never leave it unattended to prevent theft.