The Golden Retriever Breeds

The world of dogs is vast. We have so many types of dogs raging from the French bulldogs to the golden retriever puppies. This makes it harder for people planning to rear or adopt pets to choose their best. You find most people turning to friends for ideas and end up being mislead on the qualities and advantages of the different breeds.


The golden retriever breeds are unique and that’s what makes them get more customers. People book the golden retriever puppies from rescue centers or from people who actually breed the dogs. The golden retriever is medium to large in size with a strong athletic body.

The breed is known as the most intelligent and gentle of all the breed types. They have thick coats that are either straight or wavy. The Retrievers actually shed all year round. They should be brushed regularly. Most of them actually shed at least two times during the year. They are also unique in that regularly washing them removes their natural oils.

The breed, being very intelligent and socially active, requires more attention so as to keep them busy. They need mental stimulation. They usually enjoy swimming, playing hide and seek and playing fetch. A pat on them as a reward maintains their hyper activity. Taking them for a walk is also key in keeping them busy.

When it comes to owning a golden retriever, there are arguments on whether to adopt an adult or the puppy. A golden retriever puppy is very fond of biting. They tend to bite on almost everything. Stuffed animals suffer most. The puppies are tiny but destructive. The adults on the other hand are calmer and more mature. They are actually very friendly to children.

The golden retriever puppies have no much control of their bladder. They can only hold for one hour and so need to be regularly taken out. This is actually a bother to many people as there are other jobs to be done at home. The end point is that if you are busy and have no time to rear another child, the golden retriever puppies, then adopt or buy a full grown retriever.

The other problem with the golden retriever is that it’s highly prone to cancer. Hemangiosarcoma is the most common type. The retrievers are also affected by hip and elbow dysplasia, the heart disease and also eye diseases like glaucoma. Skin disease are also prevalent the common being Allergies.

This all comes down to the conclusion that if you plan and decide on either buying or adopting a golden retriever puppy or an adult, then you must be committed to them to the very end of their lives. Don’t abandon them in shelters.



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