The IR1

Today I have something new that I too didn’t know,

Its about the Tsavo Trust.

The trust works closely with the KWS and the their research partners Save the elephant.It monitors the elephants with specific emphasis on the large TUSKERS.

The trust has an aircraft that helps them in transmitting real life data to KWS.elephant


“Despite having just one tusk IR1 is still considered as one of the awesome ‘hundred pounders’ still alive in Tsavo today – his one tusk weighs at least 55kg or 120Ibs. Historically, elephants carrying tusks weighing in excess of 100lbs (45kg) per side were known as ‘hundred pounders’. Elsewhere, these elephants have been wiped out due to poaching and sport hunting. Today, at least 12 of these giants remain in Kenya’s greater Tsavo Conservation Area, and it is their protection from ivory poachers (alongside the protection of other impressive bulls that will become Tsavo’s ‘hundred pounders’ of the future), which provide the rationale for TSAVO TRUST’s Big Tusker Project.

IR1 is a solitary bull and is at least 45 years of age. If he could, he would undoubtedly have many a story to tell, like the huge hole on his forehead, how did he get it – was it a wound sustained during a fight with another elephant or could it have been a bullet hole from a poaching attempt?3

For more details check out their site..


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