The Rhino

I am proud to be in a country where we all know about our Wildlife. We don’t do poaching and we are actually very active about sensitization and creating awareness on the importance of wildlife. I actually think all of us have visited the magnificent reserves and game parks found in our country.

In this whole article am telling you all that you know, boring right? I’ll be brief.

The Black Rhino

Black rhinorhino

It’s a species of rhinoceros native in East and Central Africa. The Black Rhino is not actually black but vary from brown to grey. It’s also called the

hook-lipped rhinoceros

The species of rhinoceros are classified as critically endangered .Actually the Western Black Rhinoceros was declared extinct in 2011.Its very sad!!

The adult black rhinoceros is 132-180cm high at the shoulder and 2.8-3.8m in length. The tail is about 60cm in length. The adult weighs around 800-1,400kg.There are other unusually larger males weighing 2.2-2.9kg.The females are smaller than the males.

The rhinos have two horns; this is what poachers go for, which are made of keratin. The front horn is approximately 50cm long and others go up to 140cm.The longest horn in history measured 1.5m in length. In rare occasions, a smaller third horn may appear.

The black rhino is a browser. This is illustrated by its hooked lip to adapt to browsing. They have a very thick layered skin that protects them from thorns and sharp shrubs. They are actually good breeding grounds for ticks and mites.

The black rhinos have poor eyesight and rely more on hearing and smell. Their ears are wide rotational range to detect sounds. They actually small predators!!

I know you have all this information. I don’t even have to tell that OLPejeta is the largest Black rhino sanctuary in Kenya. The government has also translocated other black rhinos to the Masai Mara-Serengeti System. Ruma National Park and Ngulia Rhino sanctuary (Within Tsavo West National Park).There is also the Solio Game reserve that neighboring the OlPejeta.

Twendeni tujivinjari!!!!


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